The College has Three Layer Placements which is carried out to all its PGDM Students. In this Program a student can choose to get in to an appropriate placement as per his choice. The College provides Graduate Trainee-ship program to all its incoming students and if a particular student wishes not to take it and rather willing to concentrate on his academics will be helped in securing a Summer Internship. Apart from GTP and Summer Internship the college has excellent placement team who are working for Final Placements. So every student will be exposed to three layer Placements where Student gets an opportunity whether to choose Trainee-ship program or continue with Academics and finally prepare himself for the Final Placements.The College has a very strong linkage with the Corporates and this linkage has helped us to achieve excellent placements year after year. This strong industry linkage has helped us to surpass our own records in terms of compensation year after year.