The School's clubs and associations offer some of the most memorable, interesting and enjoyable aspects of your student experience...


This organization represents students' interests and concerns within the wider school community, to faculty, professional staff and alumni. Its Executive Committee is elected annually by the students themselves. It has direct involvement with coordinating bodies such as the School's governing body.


A vital part of PGDM experience, our student clubs create:

  • A vibrant community based on the diversity of our student body
  • Important networks for alumni and the wider School community
  • Opportunities to explore personal interests
  • Opportunities to develop leadership potential


As a part of our regular weekend activity five clubs are formed depending on the specializations that student take in their PGDM Program. These club activities are Organized and participated by students but managed by the concerned Department faculty member. These club activities expose the student to the corporate world and gives them inputs on Practical Experience and gives them an opportunity to develop their skills sets to become industry ready professionals.

Panache Marketing Clubche Marketing club majorly focuses on developing the Marketing skill sets of a student.It gives an opportunity to a prospective marketing student to develop his skill sets and become an industry ready professional.

Smart Finance club majorly focuses on developing the Finance skill sets of a student. It helps a finance student to develop his knowledge base and become industry ready professional.

Triumph HR Club focuses on improving HR capabilities and makes the student a industry ready professional.

Young Entrepreneur Club focuses on honing the entrepreneurial capabilities in an individual and help them become Entrepreneurs in future.

Soft Skills Club Focuses on improving communication skills and improving the complete personality and prepare them to face the challenges arising in this highly competitive world. Apart from Management clubs mentioned above, we initiate clubs related to Talent grooming / Extracurricular activities weekly and monthly.