Recognized by small and large companies in global industry, Six Sigma is a hierarchy of professional certification that demonstrates achievement of skills in process and quality management.

Six Sigma methodologies are taking the business world by storm and they help businesses improve their core processes. Knowledge in the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) and other six sigma project management skills are in high demand in many companies adopting this culture. Six Sigma methodologies is used in many business process management initiatives these days such as call centers, customer support, supply chain management and project management.

A recent survey has shown that Six Sigma professionals have faster career growth and can significantly increase their earning power.

PGDM with a six sigma expertize can be attained from the college. The coursework balances PGDM requirements with six sigma quality training. The training is imparted with world class trainers, advanced content and training techniques that bring concepts to life.