Forward-thinking Business Executives, Human Resource professionals and Learning leaders recognize both the challenges and opportunities that is inherent in a combination of class room learning combined along with ideal workplace learning, the whole thing that goes on in the business world will be mirrored to the management students as part of their curriculum. we do this by our unique Graduate Traineeship Programme(GTP). This Programme not only prepares them to meet the challenges of changing times but also bridge theory and practice effectively and thus helps them identify and choose a career best suited to their knowledge, skill and aptitude.

As a part of GTP get an opportunity to work after the 2nd Semester i.e, in 3rd Semester till the end of 4th semester i.e, 2nd year. In this way they stand a chance to gain one year Work Experience and if their performance is good they might also get recruited in the same company. Business organisations select our students for undergoing traineeship with them, either on payment of incentives or stipend or even both. On completion of the GTP and based on their performance students are even provided with Pre Placement Offers(PPOs) in the same organization. We understand the importance of grooming students to make them employable directly from the campus. The process of metamorphosis is the GTP a planned strategy as a measure aimed at improved level of industry -academia collaboration for providing management graduates hands-on knowledge to adapt to the industry way of working, coupled with work pressure and high quality standards.

The benefits of Graduate Trainee Program (GTP) are :

  • Enhancement of their academic qualification
  • Synergize theory and practice on a sustained basis
  • Be multi-skilled with exposure to upcoming technological areas
  • Appreciate key management concepts
  • Participate better in organizational initiatives, improve their perspective, and provide meaningful insights