DMS initiates variety of extracurricular activities within and outside the campus. They are initiated through Activity Team or clubs, or completely separate team. Extra-curricular also include workshops and corporate meetings, celebrations.

We have had, as well as volunteer work. Extra-curricular cover a wide range of activities and interests, from painting, music to science to helping students to explore skills and concepts around them.

Why do DMS care about extra curriculars?

We like to admit students who are involved in their communities, interact well with others, and work to develop their talents and passions. A student who participates in extra-curricular is more likely to do each of those things than a student who has no extra-curricular.

Being active in Extra Curriculars improve students profile, here are few examples:

1.Become a prefect Class / Student Rep

This is a great way to get yourself noticed amongst the senior staff in the college aswell as gaining invaluable experience in a position of responsibility. Depending on your schools policies, you may need to be elected into these positions requiring you to network amongst your peers to persuade them that you are the best person to represent them, by displaying your excellent communication skills as well as approachable nature.

You can be :

  • Smart Saturday President
  • Sports Club Coordinator
  • Events Manager and many more

2.Join a sports team

You can be part of sports team and display more than just your level of fitness.Teamwork and dedication are valued in all job roles, and being part of a sports team will improve managerial skills and time management skills. You’ll also develop a healthy taste for competition.

3.Drama, music & the performing arts

The main skill that you will develop in performing is confidence. It takes a lot of guts to get on stage in front of a crowd of people and act/dance/sing your heart out, and just a supporting part your energy and personality can be improved.