Graduating from a college allows you to enter an occupation where you can earn a competitive salary but you need more than just a degree to get ahead in today's world. Life skills encompass a broad set of practical and important capabilities necessary to succeed in the real world.

There is definitely a demand by all organizations to employ fresh management graduates who come with enhanced skill sets beyond an academic degree. This is because the learning curve and transitioning in to the workplace is much easier if the candidate has prior Life Skills training.

As a part of their personal and professional development programme The College offers training in Life Skills to its PGDM students leading to their overall personality development and to ensure they shine at interviews and recruitment centres and it helps as a foundation for a successful career.

This world class Life Skills Diploma Programme is run parallel to the PGDM and is mandatory for all students to attend the Program.


Management education in the best institutes in the country and all over the world lays great emphasis on strategy development rather than execution. Management institutes have umpteen number of case study discussions on 'what should be done' rather than how it should be done'. Management students are trained to strategize not execute. They are trained to understand complex management models but never taught the basics of execution. The INNER PGDM is our initiative to train our students in complete practical approach and share a plethora of ideas and experiences of managers with about a decade of corporate experience from around the world.