A) Corporate Lecture Series

Regular interaction with corporate leaders, heads of states, start-up entrepreneurs and eminent academicians who with their real-world experiences, elaborate on the responses to emerging challenges, enriching the student exposure. At DMS guest from various corporate companies had delivered their valuable speech and help to reduce the gaps between the students and external markets. HDFC, Times Group, Infosys, Dr.Reddy's Laboratories, Deloitte, TCS, Vodafone, Capita IQ and many more..

B) Learning by Doing

Hands-on experience through workshop courses, stimulating live projects with industry, provides students on-the-ground opportunities to test their execution skills. We at our college continuously engage students on regular activities and programmes for enhancing the skills of students.

C) Social Sensitization

Social sensitivity through relevant courses and community development projects which will help students manage their organizations responsibly. CSR programs are conducted monthly.

D) Seminars

The importance of seminars is the wealth of knowledge presented and gained during them. A seminar is a presentation, set on a particular topic or group of topics, put forth by an expert in the field. To establish credibility in a speech, we at DMS provide fact-based evidence for claims, provide evidence of expertise and knowledge, and connect with the audience. The appropriate way to establish credibility in a speech often depends on whether or not the audience is skeptical of the speaker's credibility to begin with

E) Motion learning series

Audio visual education or multimedia-based education (MBE) is instruction where particular attention is paid to the audio and visual presentation of the material with the goal of improving comprehension and retention. At DMS Students learn best by observing and copying the behaviors of motions series.

F) Soft Skills

Soft skills are a synonym for "people skills." The term describes those personal attributes that indicate a high level of emotional intelligence. Almost 1500 hours are scheduled for personality development through our Diploma in Life Skills. Some of the soft skills topics are , Fun do session, Introduction Talent 45, Public Speaking, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership traits, Memory improvement and Managerial skills.

G) Business skills

We will train you ongoing business secrets and management skills. New trends and their current methodologies to gear up your skills. BSS series are conducted every week with excited topics and live cases.

H) Communicative English

At DMS, Communicative English sessions are theme-based, around areas of interest to learners, consist of 10-15 minute learning tasks. They are varied and engaging, but never rushed. Sessions have transparent learning outcomes with clear evaluation system.

I) SAP training for a rewarding career

We have been committed to providing quality education and knowledge to the students that can help them in potential times. The commitment bears the testimony of the fact that we have been training them on various modules of SAP and ERP programmes. Benefits of SAP training are many

  • Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the most challenging projects
  • Wider spectrum of opportunity in the global market
  • Competitive edge to meet the strategic goals of your organization
  • Gain international recognition and instill client confidence

J) Six Sigma Training

An essential skill of every manager is to learn improvement strategies. Keeping this into consideration at DMS BBA course also cover Six Sigma trainings. Small businesses eager to enhance the quality of their business processes, products and/or services should consider adopting a strategy known as Six Sigma. Six Sigma aims to identify and correct errors in design and reduce the amount of variability in business processes. Six Sigma projects follow a predetermined series of steps that have a measurable financial goal, such as an increase in revenue or decrease in costs.